ndsbackup xvf returns success, but does not restore objects.

(Last modified: 10Oct2002)

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ndsbackup xvf returns a successful completion status, but does not restore objects.

ERROR: "NDS Error : There is no such entry in the directory."

ERROR: "NDS Error : The schema has no such class."

Attempting to restore objects from one tree into a different tree.


Novell eDirectory 8.6 for Solaris

Novell eDirectory 8.6 for Linux



The schema from the two different trees did not match


The customer can import the schema from the source tree into the destination tree

Run ndsrepair -S -Ad
ndsrepair 10210.32
DS Version 10330.05  Tree name: JRECORD3-TREE
Server name: .jrecord3.org

Size of /var/nds/ndsrepair.log = 42 bytes.

Administrator name: admin.org
 Logging In To Server
Please Wait...

1. Request schema from Tree
2. Reset local schema
3. Post NetWare 5 Schema Update
4. Optional Schema Enchancements
5. Import schema from Tree
6. Declare a new epoch

Select option 5 "Import schema from Tree"

If ndsrepair cannot find the tree, exit and add the tree and ip address of a server holding a replica in the /etc/hosts.nds file.


Document Title: ndsbackup xvf returns success, but does not restore objects.
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