D107 GroupWise Error Record Not Found. Contact your system administrator.

(Last modified: 22Nov2002)

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Novell GroupWise 6

Shared Address Book


D107 GroupWise Error Record Not Found.  Contact your system administrator.

Error occurs accepting a Shared Address Book.

Problem sharing a Personal Address Book.


Replace DC file to the Domain and Post Office from the GroupWise Software Distribution Directory.

A user shares a personal address book with another user.  The recipient opens and accepts the shared book.
After choosing "Accept", the following error appears:  D107 GroupWise error  Record Not Found.  Contact your system administrator.
The recipient can go to his/her address books and the shared address book is listed and can be used.


Document Title: D107 GroupWise Error Record Not Found.  Contact your system administrator.
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Creation Date: 05Mar2002
Modified Date: 22Nov2002
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