Replacing server references using XBrowse utility.

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Replacing server references using XBrowse utility.


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Getting -677 error when trying to replace server references using XBrowse.

Error: -677

Trying different syntax for the placeholder object does not work.


In order to replace server references using XBrowse you have to be authenticated as Admin within the utility and you have to use the slash context for the placeholder object.

XBrowse is coded specifically to Win NT/2k, and will not run under a Windows 9x environment.


To replace references, proceed as follows:
1. Go to the Tree menu item.
2. From the drop down menu select the option "Global Login".
3. Log in as a [Root] admin user IE:  O\OU\OU\CN.
4. Right click on the server that you want to replace the server references on.
5. Select "Replace Server References".
6. This will bring up a window.  The top line should have the server you are replacing and the bottom line generally just has the tree as the starting container. The middle line you enter the full path to the placeholder object, relative to what ever is in the "Starting Container" field,  using slash syntax.  IE: \tree\o\ou\ou\placeholder object.   You can leave out the object type (Typeless name).
7. Select "OK".   This will generate a report with only two lines, which looks like it has not done anything.
8. Use NWCONFIG to restore the Server References. "Directory Options | Directory Backup and Restore Options | Restore references from another object to this server (login as admin) | Enter placeholder object distinguished name"

NOTE: When selecting a placeholder object, if possible create a temporary object (user object is recommended) that can be deleted afterward and use that object. If not, then choose an existing user object. DO NOT choose another server object, you will NOT be able to recover the references !!

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