Error 10022 Enabling SSL services for HTTPSTK.NLM -SSL Disabled.

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Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 5.1

Novell Certificate Server 2.0


Get error when loading HTTPSTK.NLM

Error:"10022 Enabling SSL services for HTTPSTK.NLM -SSL Disabled."

Unable to get a secure connection to PORTAL.


The load line for the HTTPSTK.NLM is not referencing the SSL Certificate correctly.


Check the AUTOEXEC.NCF file to make sure that the load line for the HTTPSTK refers to the exact name of the SSL certificate as it appears in ConsoleOne (minus the server name).  By default the name is "SSL CertificateIP".  If this information is already correct, the certificate may need to be deleted and recreated.  

To recreate the certificate, go into ConsoleOne, and delete the certificate named "SSL CertificateIP-<ServerName>" (unless it was named something other than the default).  Then right click on the OU where the server resides and select New | Object | NDSPKI:Key Material.  Give the certificate a name.  

NOTE:  Be aware that if the certificate is give a different name than before, it will need to be changed in the AUTOEXEC.NCF file.  The load line to change will be the LOAD HTTPSTK.NLM /SSL /keyfile:"<CertificateName>".  <CertificateName> is the name of the certificate as it appears in ConsoleOne minus the server name, and is case sensitive.  Make sure you have the name exact.

If the above did not resolve the issue, Certificate Server will need to be reinstalled. To do this, go into ConsoleOne, delete the SSL CertificateIP, SSL CertificateDNS, and SAS SERVICE- ServerName objects. Then, go into NWCONFIG and reinstall Certificate Server from off the 5.1 Installation CD (or you can download it from and select the link to Certificate Server under the NDS heading).


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