Duplicate User in the Proxy Access list.

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Novell GroupWise 6.5


Duplicate User in the Proxy Access list.

Duplicate user entries in the Proxy Access List.

Minimum user in the Proxy Access list grayed out.

Some users have unauthorized proxy access to some other User's mailbox.

Duplicate users appear in the list of people to whom the user has proxied.  This variant of the problem has only been seen in GroupWise 6.5.


The Duplicate User in the Proxy Access list is created when a GW 5.2.x client is used to view the Proxy Access list (Tools | Security | Proxy Access) against a GW 5.5.x mailbox.

There is a display problem created when a GroupWise 5.2 client access a GroupWise 5.5 account and modifies the Proxy Access list.  Once this is done the GroupWise 5.5 client views the Proxy Access list incorrectly.  It will display the Minimum user as grayed out and another user will be duplicated.  The first occurrence of the duplicate user will have the same proxy access rights as the minimum user is supposed to have.  The second occurrence of the duplicate user will have the proxy access rights that the user should have.  This does not actually change the granted proxy rights.  If minimum user was granted proxy rights then those rights are still active.

This problem does not occur if only the GroupWise 5.5 client is used against the 5.5 account.


Solution 1:

The problem can be fixed by deleting the two duplicate user references in the Proxy Access list using the GroupWise client and then recreating one of them.  You can also then give Minimum user access rights if desired.

Solution 2:

To delete a proxy user from an account:

Run a Contents check with Fix problems checked and with the User database option checked.  Use the PROXYFIX switch in the MISC tab of GWCheck.
The GWCheck log will show the following error, with the number of users that had the problem:
87 Special Cleanup ...................................     1

Searching in the log file for Problem 87 will show the following for each instance of the problem.
Problem 87- Special Cleanup

Note: You can use this switch against a user or post office.  The fix for the 6.5-only variant of the problem (with the duplication occurring in the history list, not the access list) is to use the PROXYFIX switch with any GW 6.5 GWCheck dated after June 10, 2003.

NOTE: Before running the specialized GWCheck per the instructions that follow, it's recommended to first run a standard GWCheck to assure that the databases are structurally sound.  A standard check is to run the Structure and Index check with the Fix Problems box checked.  After this completes, run a Contents check with the Fix Problems box checked.  On both checks select the User and Message databases for the most comprehensive database checks.
It is also recommended to backup the Post Office before running this (the Post Office's OFUSER directory should be backed up as a minimum since it is the USERxxx.DB's that are fixed).


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