How to find the owner of a prime user database.

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How to find the owner of a prime user database.


Novell GroupWise 5.5

Novell GroupWise 6

Novell GroupWise 6.5

When a user in one post office, for example in post office 1 (PO1), shares a Personal Address Book or Mailbox Folder with users in other post offices, say PO2 and PO3, a prime user database (PU******.DB) is created in PO2's and PO3's <POST OFFICE>\OFUSER directory to store the shared Folder or Address Book information on those post offices.


How can the owner of a particular prime user database be found?
Another way the question could be asked is - how can you find which user (whom belongs to another post office) created a shared Folder or Address Book that caused the particular prime user database to be created on the post office in review?


Run a stand alone Gwcheck (in the <GW Software>\Admin\Utility\Gwcheck directory) with the following options:
- Database Type: Post Office
- Enter the Database Path and Post Office Name which are required fields.
- Object Type: Post Office
- Click the User/Resource radial button and in the field enter the prime user database, for example PU020101.DB
- Action: Analyze and Fix with only Contents checked (uncheck all other options).
- Databases: User

After this runs scroll up the results screen (or review the log file) and look for the line "Prime Database originated by <user name>" in the CONTENTS VERIFICATION section.


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