How to flush or clear the Proxy Cache server.

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Novell NetWare 4.11

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Proxy Cache.


How to flush or clear the Proxy Cache server.


If it is suspected that the proxy cache contains corrupt data, or if some sites have become unreachable for a moment,
      502 and    504 Gateway errors may result.


To clear the cache issue the following commands at the server console without the quotes.
      - "unload proxy"
      -  delete etc\proxy\pxyhosts and pxyhosts.sav (These files are just cached DNS entries that may need to be cleared. BTW these will be re-created         when proxy loads)
      - "load proxy -cc"

The "cc" is for Clear Cache".  This will clear or flush the proxy's cache to zero.


Document Title: How to flush or clear the Proxy Cache server.
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