Richard Kiel Memorial Abend: Unloading PM312

(Last modified: 11Mar1996)

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The customer received Richard Kiel Memorial Abend # 27 on a Netware 3.12 server when unloading PM312 using the syntax documented in the INSTALL.TXT file in the 312PT7 patch kit. When the customer unloads PM312, they get prompted if they want to unload the patches, and then the server abends. Sometimes, If they type DOWN after unloading PM312 (if it didn't already abend) the server will abend.

Customers should not unload PM312 because this can cause problems with memory. There is information in the INSTALL.TXT file in 312PT7.EXE which outlines this option. A request has been submitted to remove this information which can lead to customer problems.


Document Title: Richard Kiel Memorial Abend: Unloading PM312
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