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Sentinel Log Manager (1.2 SP 1)

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Architecture: x86-64
Security patch: Yes
Priority: Mandatory
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Document ID: 5156691
Creation Date: 2013-02-12 15:02:08


Sentinel Log Manager


For more detail please refer to the online and up to date Readme for Sentinel Log Manager

You can upgrade Sentinel Log Manager to from Sentinel Log Manager versions: or or or The set of new features and fixed defects depend on the version from which you upgrade.




To install Sentinel Log Manager, see the Sentinel Log Manager 1.2 Installation Guide.



What's New in Sentinel Log Manager

See Readme for Sentinel Log Manager



Defects Fixed in Sentinel Log Manager

See Readme for Sentinel Log Manager

Known Issues:

See Readme for Sentinel Log Manager



security fixes

Sentinel Log Manager 1.2.1 upgrades the following components to protect the system against security vulnerabilities:
    Java Runtime Environment: from version 1.6.0_27 to version 1.7.0_09
    Apache Tomcat version: from version 6.0.32 to version 6.0.35
    ActiveMQ: from version 5.3.2 to 5.4.3
    PostgreSQL: from version 8.3.12 to version 8.3.21
 Sentinel Log Manager Supports Weak and Medium Strength Ciphers 
    Issue:  Sentinel Log Manager supports low strength ciphers (less than 56 bit key) and medium strength ciphers (between 56 and 112 bit key), which could downgrade the browser security and allow hackers to access the cipher-text. (BUG 525768)   
    Fix:  Sentinel Log Manager now supports only strong ciphers.

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