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Novell SecureLogin 7.0 SP3 HotFix 04

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NovellSecureLoginFIX7031211030_280.zipSecureLogin 7.0.3ObsoleteNovell SecureLogin 7.0 SP3 HotFix 03

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Architecture: x86, x86-64
Security patch: No
Priority: Recommended
Distribution Type: Public


Revision: 2
Document ID: 5156393
Creation Date: 2013-01-31 14:35:48
Modified Date: 2013-01-31 16:59:56


This update contains all fixes made to NetIQ SecureLogin7.0 SP3 since the release of NSL7.0 SP3.


Installation options:

1. Download and extract this file on a workstation that already has NSL7.0 SP3 installed. Then launch the .msp file located in the folder ...\SecureLogin\Client.

2. Use MSIEXEC to install this Hot Fix and NSL7SP3 together in a single command line operation as documented in the "Installing from the Command Line" section of the SecureLogin 7.0 SP3 installation guide available at

After installing this update on a non-English workstation, copy the localhero.dll (or localhero64.dll) for the appropriate language into the SecureLogin installation directory (by default C:\Program Files\Novell\SecureLogin). These files are located in the "localization" folder, which is in the same directory as the .msp file mentioned in #1 above.


This hot fix cannot be uninstalled independently of NSL7SP3. Use Control Panel, Add Remove Programs to uninstall Novell SecureLogin and this patch together.

List of bug fixes included in NSL7.0 SP3 HF4:

Fixes new to this release:

1. NSL 7.0 silent install does not process language file properly. (572986)
2. DAS install option should not exist when installing in AD mode. (615566)
3. Support for input fields withouth name or ID (e.g. IDM UserApp password change). (672884)
4. GetText does not return entire screen. (709045)
5. Incorrect GPO info shown when using SLMANAGER to view user detail. (719814)
6. Java SSO is unable to distinguish between tabs. (720121)
7. Unable to login to non-default domain. (773940)
8. Users being prompted for Passphrase when disabled. (782035)
9. Mozilla FF 16 crashes with gmail app. (788366)
10. NSL does not pick up AD password change made through Citrix. (788650)
11. Cache files lose synchronization with directory when alternating between smart card and password login. (791324)
12. LDAP search is made even when full DN is provided. (792257)
13. IE8 Hang with WEBSSO_DHTML enabled. (795280)
14. Support for FireFox 17. (783394)
15. Cache out of sync error. (550936)
16. Enhanced regular expression support. (215190)

Fixes carried forward from prior releases:

From NSL7.0 SP3 HF3
1. “Disable single sign on” not working in offline mode (580516)
2. Disabled NSL without cache generates errors in offline mode (580521)
3. Wizard ""flashes"" on disabled app (764826)
4. ""OK"" Button in Java app grayed out with NSL installed (768002)
5. Slow performance with 64 bit .Net applications. (769083)
6. Upgrading NSL client causes "GenerateOTP" to return -473 error (773715)
7. NSL7.0.3 crashes when using the Wizard to create Matching Rule (778399)
8. Unable to submit page with Java app. (782557)
9. SecureLogin does not provide SSO to Second Terminal Emulator Session (785403)
10. Intermittent single sign on to IE8 (787912)
11. Support FireFox 15 (766669)
12. Support FireFox 16 (783393)
13. Network Provider installation causes some network apps to fail (783569)
14. [Doc] SelectListBoxItem throws exception ""Could not interpret line"" (710079)
15. [Doc] HLLAPI options with /x parameter that work with TLAUNCH (777798)
16. [Doc] LDAP V3 compliance support (776229)
17. [Doc] Hide shown passwords after a number of seconds (787150)

From NSL7.0 SP3 HF2.1:
1. Slow performance with sldotnetsso. (769083)

From NSL7.0 SP3 HF2:
1. Support for FireFox 13. (766666)
2. Support for FireFox 14. (766668)
3. "If -text" no longer works with NSL7SP3 HF1. (764243)
4. Issue with Lock and unlock operation in LDAP CP mode using ?Workstation Only? option. (335765)
5. Novell Client Extensions need to be supported with Novell Secure Login. (534595)
6. Allow ability to not use LastSuccessfulADAMConnection. (727454)
7. Users need to cancel past (failed) network login to open local cache. (731501)
8. Password protected icon failures with smart card in AD mode. (741037)
9. Tlaunch not terminated as expected. (751855)
10. NSL iManager plugin gives java exceptions on OES platform. (753298)
11. Oracle Forms apps stop working in 7.0.2. (759128)
12. Slomoz fails upgrade with FF 3.5.3. (772026)
13. Slmanager fails to show all objects with LDAP search in very large directory. (774157)
14 [Doc] RunEX command documentation is missing. (769234)
15. [Doc] Show NSL user when mouse over NSL icon - documentation is missing. (769240)
16. [Doc] Ability to trap exceptions reading directory attributes - documentation is missing.
17. [Doc] Supress NSL startup errors via reg key - Documentation is incorrect. (769245)

From NSL7.0 SP3 HF1:
1. FireFox v11 browser support (756422).
2. FireFox v12 browser support (756424).
3. New preference "eDirectory network authentication using" shows inconsistency with iManager/ slmanager (761295).
4. NSL prompts for username and password after Windows password changes on Windows 7 (755130).
5. Unable to login to workstation in LDAP credential provider mode on Windows 7 when users password is expired (591786).
6. Oracle Forms apps stopped working in 7.0.2 (759128).
7. Protocom-SSO-connections attribute not always cleaned up properly at logout (752620).
8. Need a command line tool to cleanup the "Prot:SSO Entry" attribute" (756432).
9. Query to directory attribute fails with NSL7 SP3 (761289).
10. SecureLogin fails when client default attachment is to Server not running SecretStore (746948).
11. Black Screen / Buffer over run issue (752146).
12. LDAP authentication is slower with SP3 (746536).
13. Default value of Add application prompts for Java is not consistent (751225).
14. Query to "%" no longer works with NSL7 SP3. (761289)

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