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Analyzer 4.0.2 Patch 1

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Security patch: No
Priority: Optional
Distribution Type: Field Test File


Revision: 1
Document ID: 5155431
Creation Date: 2013-01-16 15:42:00

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This Field Test File is supported by Novell Technical Services.


This is a patch for IDM Analyzer 4.0.2.  It it only a patch and NOT a full install of the Analyzer product.  Applying this patch will take your version of Analyzer to 4.0.2 Patch 1 Build 20121128.



Analyzer 4.0.2 Patch 1.  Build number 20121128

System Requirements:

Analyzer 4.0.2 or the Analyzer that came with the IDM 4.0.2 media.


  1. Download the Anayzer 4.0.2 patch file, from the download site.
  2. Extract the zip file into the folder where Analyzer 4.0.2 is already installed. This folder contains plug-ins, uninstallation script, and other Analyzer files.

    Linux: Change to the directory where Analyzer 4.0.2 is already installed. Extract the file contents into this directory.

    Windows: Open the file. Extract the contents into the folder where Analyzer 4.0.2 is already installed.

  3. Restart Analyzer.
  4. Verify the new patch has been successfully applied.
    • Launch Analyzer, then click Help > About Analyzer.
    • Check whether it displays the new version as 4.0.2 Update 1 and the Build ID as 20121128.

Technical Support Information:

Bug fixes in this patch

- When a right click is done on import data, the metrics menu can not pop-up. Bug 520552
- Null pointer exception when importing the data from MySQL. Bug 732817
- Unable to import a flat file data if the "First Row Contains Field Names" is checked. Bug 769713
- "Display Attributes" are not shown in the uniqueness results. Bug 772557
- Issue with data merges on large data sets when multi-valued attributes are used. Bug 785130
- Cleaner Script only effects current page and not entire dataset. Bug 785583
- Slow dataset creation wizard - Determining Scope. Bug 785859
- Data Browser - "Number of rows per page" setting is not being honored. Bug 786370
- Matching dataset throuws exceptoin when dataset with muilti-valued attribure support is enabled. Bug 789938
- Importing data causes a MySQL exception. Bug 791079


file contents

Compressed File Name: Analyzer_402_P1.tar.gz

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Analyzer_402_P1/analyzer_402_patch1_20121105.zip19.6 MB (20633471)2013-01-16 14:37:07
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