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LibreOffice 8407


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Architecture: x86-64
Security patch: No
Priority: Recommended
Distribution Type: Public


Revision: 1
Document ID: 5155255
Creation Date: 2013-01-09 13:14:08


Recommended update for LibreOffice (8407)

Patch: sledp4-libreoffice-36-8407
Bugs: 325936, 681110, 693238, 705956, 707779, 750935, 753458, 757387, 757419, 757609, 757905, 758138, 758883, 759180, 759197, 759210, 759982, 760019, 760997, 763168, 765942, 766481, 766487, 767949, 768027, 771549, 773048, 773061, 773515, 774167, 774921, 775270, 777337, 777345, 777699, 778133, 778140, 778148, 778828, 778836, 778854, 778859, 779627, 779697, 780277, 780296, 780563, 780611, 780645, 780830, 780843, 780851, 780853, 781166, 781825, 782061, 782345, 782597, 782833, 783202, 783433, 783638, 785727, 785767, 787452, 789482, 791952, 793422, 794104, 782638, 776323

Applies to:

Package(s): libreoffice libreoffice-af libreoffice-ar libreoffice-be-BY libreoffice-bg libreoffice-ca libreoffice-cs libreoffice-cy libreoffice-da libreoffice-de libreoffice-debuginfo libreoffice-el libreoffice-en-GB libreoffice-es libreoffice-et libreoffice-fi libreoffice-fr libreoffice-galleries libreoffice-gnome libreoffice-gu-IN libreoffice-hi-IN libreoffice-hr libreoffice-hu libreoffice-it libreoffice-ja libreoffice-kde libreoffice-km libreoffice-ko libreoffice-lt libreoffice-mk libreoffice-mono libreoffice-nb libreoffice-nl libreoffice-nn libreoffice-officebean libreoffice-pa-IN libreoffice-pl libreoffice-pt libreoffice-pt-BR libreoffice-ru libreoffice-rw libreoffice-sdk libreoffice-sdk-doc libreoffice-sk libreoffice-sl libreoffice-sr-CS libreoffice-st libreoffice-sv libreoffice-tr libreoffice-ts libreoffice-vi libreoffice-xh libreoffice-zh-CN libreoffice-zh-TW libreoffice-zu
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP4 for x86
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP4 for AMD64 and Intel EM64T
SLE SDK 10 SP4 for x86
SLE SDK 10 SP4 for X86-64



Every user should update.




LibreOffice has been updated to version SUSE 3.6 (based on upstream which brings significant improvements mainly regarding interoperability with Microsoft Office and other areas:


  • PDF Export with Watermark option
  • Allows editing of read-only documents
  • Performance improvements for Calc and Writer (document import, spreadheet operations)


  • SmartArt import
  • Improved auto format options
  • Improved Label and Business card support


  • Sort option in autofilter menu
  • Merge cells using the cell context menu
  • CSV file import amd export improvements
  • New formula options page with calculation settings


  • Corel Draw import


  • Wide-screen format for slides
  • Improved detection of external display.

The updated version also provides many bug fixes, including but not limited to:

  • Make presentation spanning all screens work (bnc#758138)
  • Better placement of 3D pie chart data labels (bnc#791952)
  • Hyperlink DOCX export (bnc#789482)
  • Column width in DOCX Import (bnc#780645)
  • Shrunken text in DOCX import (bnc#773061)
  • Better input field selection (bnc#780277)
  • Embedded spreadsheets in PPTX export (bnc#780830)
  • Rotated text in emf images looks thicker (bnc#782833)
  • Squashed glyphs with Cairo canvas (fdo#55931, bnc#681110)
  • Some new ADO constants (bnc#787452)
  • Overflowing left margin (bnc#707779)
  • Column width in DOCX import (bnc#785767)
  • Table spacing in DOCX import (bnc#778836)
  • Table position in DOCX import (bnc#780645)
  • Allow adding external templates (bnc#782597)
  • Text rotation handling (bnc#773048, bnc#783433)
  • Upside down text box in PPTX import (bnc#757387)
  • Slide fragment handling in DOCX import (bnc#785727)
  • Default table cell margins in DOCX export (bnc#780645)
  • Cyclic references in XLSX import (bnc#781166, bnc#780296)
  • Correctly pack KDE and TDE addressbook (bnc#779697)
  • Update desktop files cache also from subpackages that install desktop files (bnc#782638)
  • Be more careful when recognizing MathML (bnc#774921)
  • Numbering level problems in PPTX import (bnc#760019)
  • Background import (bnc#759180)
  • Text rotation fixes (bnc#783433)
  • Text offsets in shapes (bnc#771549)
  • VML import improvements (bnc#779627)
  • Hidden/non-wrapping text (bnc#757419)
  • Issues with bullet points (bnc#778854)
  • Background in PPTX import (bnc#783202)
  • Adjust chart layout distance (bnc#759197)
  • Clip the objects to the page (bnc#777699)
  • Clip pictures instead of scaling (bnc#775270)
  • Non-autofit text imported as autofit (bnc#778859)
  • slide notesMaster and notes in PPTX import (bnc#768027)
  • PPTX shape margins need to be rotated as well (bnc#773048)
  • Mouse pointer over URLs with background image (bnc#778148)
  • Better PPTX custom shape presets import/export (bnc#760997)
  • Cyclic referenced defined names in PPTX import (bnc#781166, bnc#780296)
  • More on DOC/DOCX export/import filters (bnc#779627, bnc#778140, bnc#783638, bnc#782061, bnc#780853, bnc#780843, bnc#778828, bnc#778836, bnc#777337, bnc#781825, bnc#773061, bnc#780563, bnc#782345, bnc#777345, bnc#778133, bnc#780851)
  • PPTX import crashes (bnc#774167)
  • Shadow color on partial redraw (bnc#773515)
  • Certain SmartArt drawings are not imported (bnc#759210, fdo#50907)
  • VML shapes without anchor (bnc#758883)
  • Formula performance improvement for XLSX import (bnc#765942, bnc#763168)
  • Lots of different import fixes (bnc#758883, bnc#766481, bnc#766487, fdo#46966, bnc#693238, bnc#758883, bnc#758883, bnc#766487, bnc#758883, bnc#758883)
  • Improve line height calculation (bnc#757905)
  • Ignored picture background setting (bnc#325936)
  • Rework handling of recursive OOXML shapes (bnc#705956)
  • Win/VC++ STL messes up the name space vector (bnc#759982)
  • Changing the keyboard of the slide show button (bnc#753458)
  • Section break and page style conversion problem (bnc#750935)
  • Import VMLshape 'hidden' style attribute and controls (bnc#757609).

For a comprehensive list of changes, refer to the package's change log.


This update is provided as a set of RPM packages that can easily be installed onto a running system by using the YaST online update module. Please install the update.

file contents

Files IncludedSizeDate
libreoffice-pt-BR- MB (12071761)2013-01-09 13:18:56
libreoffice-zu- MB (1704710)2013-01-09 13:19:43
libreoffice-ru- MB (12748588)2013-01-09 13:19:05
libreoffice-kde- KB (499005)2013-01-09 13:18:06
libreoffice-hi-IN- MB (11717564)2013-01-09 13:17:36
libreoffice-nn- MB (11552178)2013-01-09 13:18:39
libreoffice-galleries- MB (10395191)2013-01-09 13:17:21
libreoffice-it- MB (12186620)2013-01-09 13:17:53
libreoffice-af- MB (1682915)2013-01-09 13:16:01
libreoffice-nl- MB (12011936)2013-01-09 13:18:32
libreoffice-es- MB (12293357)2013-01-09 13:16:58
libreoffice-ar- MB (1688006)2013-01-09 13:16:02
libreoffice-sv- MB (11890062)2013-01-09 13:19:20
libreoffice-el- MB (13325155)2013-01-09 13:16:44
libreoffice-de- MB (12414789)2013-01-09 13:16:34
libreoffice-en-GB- MB (10798721)2013-01-09 13:16:50
libreoffice-cs- MB (11913787)2013-01-09 13:16:18
libreoffice-pl- MB (12263491)2013-01-09 13:18:48
libreoffice-da- MB (11824663)2013-01-09 13:16:27
libreoffice- MB (152908852)2013-01-09 13:15:59
libreoffice-fr- MB (12449901)2013-01-09 13:17:14
libreoffice-sk- MB (11905425)2013-01-09 13:19:12
libreoffice-zh-CN- MB (14978343)2013-01-09 13:19:32
libreoffice-ca- MB (12241771)2013-01-09 13:16:10
libreoffice-xh- MB (1711828)2013-01-09 13:19:22
libreoffice-hu- MB (12309591)2013-01-09 13:17:45
libreoffice-nb- MB (11949968)2013-01-09 13:18:23
libreoffice-gnome- KB (599648)2013-01-09 13:17:22
libreoffice-mono- KB (594355)2013-01-09 13:18:16
libreoffice-ja- MB (17821646)2013-01-09 13:18:04
libreoffice-fi- MB (11918781)2013-01-09 13:17:06
libreoffice-gu-IN- MB (10901643)2013-01-09 13:17:29
libreoffice-zh-TW- MB (15005661)2013-01-09 13:19:41
libreoffice-ko- MB (13700771)2013-01-09 13:18:15
readme_5155255.htmlN/A2013-01-09 13:38:52

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