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Novell Operations Center 5.0 Patch Bundle 4 - NOC December 5.0

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5002012-07-03CR743865-R87733-NOC.jarOperations Center 5.0ObsoleteNovell Operations Center 5.0 Patch Bundle 3 - NOC June 5.0

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Architecture: x86, x86-64
Security patch: No
Priority: Recommended
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Creation Date: 2012-12-20 09:46:05
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Novell Operations Center 5.0 December Patch Bundle(PB4)



Novell Operations Center 5.0 December Patch Bundle(PB4)

Please see release_notes.pdf in the \html\docs directory of the jar file for details.

Novell releases patch bundles to update v5.0. These patch bundles are installed using an automated installation process. For more information on understanding release numbers and installing v5.0 patches, see the Server Installation Guide.

Technical Considerations:

1 - The Business Service Warehouse schema is being updated from 21 to 22. This is performed automatically when
installing and starting up for first time.
2 - If you need to rollback to PB3, please see Release Notes, Chapter 3 for more information.

System Requirements:


The type of file for a patch is .jar. If you receive the file with a different extension, rename it to
.jar before installing it. The procedure for installing the patch is the same for UNIX and Windows.
To install the patch:

1 Verify all clients are logged off.
2 Shutdown all Novell processes.
3 Unzip the downloaded file to a safe location and review the contents
4 Copy the patch bundle jar file to the Novell Operations Center installation root directory.
5 At the command prompt from within the Novell Operations Center installation directory, enter:
java -jar patch_bundle_filename
Ex: java -jar 5002012-12-19CR771409-R89168-NOC.jar

6 During installation, the following occurs:
-The Novell Configuration Manager always runs silently and applies the current settings.
- The patch does not override the existing Novell Configuration Manager settings.
For more information regarding the Novell Configuration Manager, see the
Server Configuration Guide.
7 After the installation is complete, do the following:
7a Implement custom template modifications into the new template files.
Do NOT overwrite new template files with old template files or modify default properties
files. Add custom property modificiations into a file. For example, any
customizations to the file should be added to a file.
7b Run the Novell Configuration Manager and make changes as needed.
7c Start the Novell Operations server.
7d If running a FX Monitor from another location other than the default NovellOperationsCenter_install_dir/html/classes/ directory, do the following:
7d1 Shutdown the FX Monitor.
7d2 Copy the NovellOperationsCenter_install_dir/html/classes/fxmonitor.jar file to the alternate FX Monitor location.
7d3 Start the FX Monitor.
7e If running Relay, do the following:
7e1 Shutdown Relay.
7e2 Copy the relay/bin/relay.jar file into the relay_base_directory/bin
7e3 Start Relay.


After the patch has been installed and a rollback file is created, the patch cannot be installed again.
Part of the patch installation process, is to automatically backup all files that are overwritten and place them in a file called patch_filename-rollback.jar, such as 5002012-12-19CR771409-R89168-NOC-rollback.jar. If you decide to remove the changes made by the patch to Novell Operations Center, run this rollback JAR file from the root installation directory for NovellOperationsCenter. The command for running the rollback file is the same as when the patch is installed. For example:
C:\NovellOperationsCenter\NOC>java -jar 5002012-12-19CR771409-R89168-NOC-rollback.jar

Known Problems and Limitations:

Technical Support Information:

Access our award winning support Web site ( for a number of self-help
resources and to register and check on service requests. For high severity issues, we recommend you call Novell Technical Support directly. Visit ( to find the phone numbers for your region.

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