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December 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance Release for OES2SP3 8368


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Architecture: x86-64
Security patch: No
Priority: Recommended
Distribution Type: Public


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Document ID: 5154505
Creation Date: 2012-12-14 11:53:34


December 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance Release for OES2SP3 (8368)

Patch: oes2sp3-novell-iprint-8368
Bugs: 314575, 756970, 759845, 768311, 772124, 785813, 787146, 787230, 788545, 788928, 789738, 789751, 789574, 790627, 790651, 792854

Applies to:

Package(s): novell-iprint-client novell-iprint-server novell-welcomepage novell-iprint-management novell-iprint-migration
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3 for x86
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3 for AMD64 and Intel EM64T



December 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance Release for OES2SP3




December 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance Release for OES2SP3

  • 314575: -debug- option for mcs does not work
  • 756970: iprint direct much slower than tcpip printer.
  • 759845: iPrint Client 5.82: Copyright need to be updated
  • 768311: Authentication failure using ssl printer if user name has a dot.
  • 772124: Unable to generate Audit Report from French IE
  • 785813: icm install printers to user with no rights
  • 787146: Welcome page: Need to add welcome page link for windows 8 iprint clients
  • 787230: Print Manager crashes with 3rd party accounting software
  • 788545: After successful installation of Printer, Printer not seen in printer folder and not able to print
  • 788928: Winclient: Win 7 - User Printers failed to print due to Win 8 client changes
  • 789738: Failed to reload ipp page after starting installation of printer.
  • 789751: While installing a printer from IPP page,as soon as we click on printer it goes back to home page (MSN)
  • 789574: Documents failing to print via direct printer with banner associated.
  • 790627: Drivers in the repositories gets deleted after restarting driver store
  • 790651: Unable to install printers on windows 2012 server
  • 792854: Unable to install HP UPD printer


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Files IncludedSizeDate
novell-iprint-migration-6.3.20121204-0.7.noarch.rpm274.1 KB (280752)2012-12-14 11:56:42
novell-iprint-client-6.3.20121207-0.7.noarch.rpm223.6 MB (234479991)2012-12-14 11:56:39
novell-iprint-server-6.3.20121206-0.7.x86_64.rpm1.7 MB (1855370)2012-12-14 11:56:43
novell-iprint-management-6.3.20121206-0.7.noarch.rpm1.6 MB (1701715)2012-12-14 11:56:41
novell-welcomepage-2.3.0-0.20.i586.rpm1.3 MB (1364972)2012-12-14 11:56:45
readme_5154505.htmlN/A2012-12-14 11:59:33

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