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August 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance for OES2SP3 8243


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Architecture: x86
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Document ID: 5149591
Creation Date: 2012-08-30 13:20:03


August 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance for OES2SP3 (8243)

Patch: oes2sp3-novell-iprint-8243
Bugs: 519064, 541401, 604464, 634029, 643737, 644446, 680368, 688308, 688985, 695935, 700266, 710243, 721135, 723807, 727605, 734330, 734879, 739331, 739333, 740495, 741225, 742282, 743820, 744196, 744274, 744459, 744471, 749396, 749740, 749802, 751590, 752499, 752989, 754909, 754927, 755430, 755881, 756447, 759845, 760671, 761296, 762067, 763411, 767591, 768989, 770160, 770166, 770623, 774590

Applies to:

Package(s): novell-iprint-client novell-iprint-server novell-welcomepage
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3 for x86
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3 for AMD64 and Intel EM64T



August 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance for OES2SP3




August 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance for OES2SP3

  • 519064: Tray icon option "Find/Install printer" launches firefox with blank page, though URI is set in configuration file.
  • 541401: MAC X-client GUI gets opened in background. (Random issue)
  • 604464: MAC iprint client upgrade does not update firefox add-on window.
  • 634029: nipp-s.exe is not silent
  • 643737: Location field is empty on Mac iPrint Client 5.0
  • 644446: Noticed 2 iprintlgn.exe running at the same time.
  • 680368: iprntcmd -U help does not clearly say the command usage syntax
  • 688308: Win7 bidi with no access to PM server results in hang
  • 688985: "iprntcfg.exe" provides only few options.
  • 695935: OES11\_LOC:build0234:ALL: Untranslated string "none" in Novell iPrint Client
  • 700266: Firefox 4 and above does not give any message for the printer installation which completes within 45 seconds
  • 710243: icapture should be disabled on the tray icon for x64.
  • 721135: Cilentless iCM : Need to validate invalid PSM IP entered while using iprntcmd and tray icon
  • 723807: NIPPLPTE.exe crashes when try to print to a icapture port which has a secure printer captured.
  • 727605: ZDI-CAN-1345: Novell iPrint Client nipplib.dll GetDriverSettings realm Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  • 734330: Windows XP will randomly not boot after installing the iprint client 5.74.
  • 734879: Installing SSL printer from OES11 to Mac 10.7 Lion fails
  • 739331: ZDI-CAN-1458: Novell iPrint Client ActiveX GetPrinterURLList2 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  • 739333: ZDI-CAN-1466: Novell iPrint nipplib.dll > client-file-name Parsing Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  • 740495: Firefox 9 does not give any message for the completion if installation takes more than 45 secs, causing problem for printers with large size drivers like HPUPD
  • 741225: Not able to create printer driver profile using IE 9 64 bit on Win 7 64 And IE9 32 bit on Win 7 32.
  • 742282: driver upload using win7 client gives patch missing message even though it is installed
  • 743820: Printer Driver Profile with Ricoh MP6001PCL6 driver won't retain changes
  • 744196: OES11SP1\_LOC:All:Corrupted strings in iCapture tab of Novell iPrint Client
  • 744274: OES11SP1\_LOC:DE,CS,NL:Truncated "Novell Technical Support" link in "iCapture" tab of iPrint Windows client
  • 744459: OES11SP1\_LOC:JA,CS,PL:Overlap in "iCapture" tab of iPrint Windows client
  • 744471: OES11SP1\_LOC:CS,CA,RU,DE,zh\_CN,zh\_TW:Extra space in "iCapture" tab of "Novell iPrint Client - Settings" dialog
  • 749396: nipp-s install crashes
  • 749740: Script to bump windows client version.
  • 749802: clientless iCM feature not working for dsfw user
  • 751590: When a Color printer is installed, all printers on the workstation go to a paused state
  • 752499: ZDI-CAN-1533: Novell iPrint Client op-client-interface-version Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  • 752989: Iprint Server rejects IPP v2.x requests from Mac 10.8 platform
  • 754909: OES11SP1\_LOC:RU,CS,PL,HU,CA,DE:Duplicated hotkey in right click list of iPrint icon in sys tray
  • 754927: OES11SP1\_LOC:IT,HU:Truncation strings "Printer Selection" in "Novell iPrint Client-Printer Selection" DialogBox.
  • 755430: Need to add Mac 10.8 iprint client installer link in ipp page from the mod\_ipp module
  • 755881: When installing a printer on Mac, the install window comes up behind the Safari browser window
  • 756447: clientless icm settings not gettings implemented with regopenkeyex failure
  • 759845: iPrint Client 5.82: Copyright need to be updated
  • 760671: After upgrading from 5.04 to 5.06, the iprint x-client still shows 5.04
  • 761296: On Mac 10.6, firefox browser picks up the iprint client from MAC directory.
  • 762067: Need to add link uniquely in the welcome page for the clients Mac 10.6 & below versions and Mac10.7& above versions
  • 763411: Find/Install printers option is not invoking the same URL given in configuration Menu link URL
  • 767591: Report Installation error while installing Mac client 5.07 in 10.6 and lower platforms
  • 768989: On a Mac 10.8 client ,after installing a printer and trying to print a file using the same gives an error message and does'nt print the file
  • 770160: While installing a printer whose printer name has the substring of a previously installed printer then only the printer with long printer name is getting listed in printers tab
  • 770166: After a Succesful iprint client installation if logged out and Logged in to the client machine , iprint client listener and iprint client GUI were not launched automatically
  • 770623: OES11\_SP1\_LOC:Beta27:ALL:Untranslated "iPrint\_iPrint\_Client\_for\_Mac10x" strings on Welcome page
  • 774590: iprntcmd -r command is not running the iprint listener


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file contents

Files IncludedSizeDate
novell-iprint-client-6.3.20120822-0.7.noarch.rpm168.5 MB (176736699)2012-08-30 13:21:51
novell-welcomepage-2.3.0-0.17.i586.rpm1.3 MB (1364142)2012-08-30 13:21:55
novell-iprint-server-6.3.20120809-0.7.i586.rpm1.7 MB (1812063)2012-08-30 13:21:53
readme_5149591.htmlN/A2012-08-30 13:24:54

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