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GroupWise 7.0 SP4 POA (FTF) - All platforms and languages

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Novell GroupWise 7.0.4ObsoleteGroupWise 7.0 SP4 Field Test File (FTF) - Full Linux - EN and MULTIGroupWise 7.0 SP4 Field Test File (FTF) - Full Linux - EN and MULTI

Warning: The patch associated with this readme is obsolete; it is no longer available for download.


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Architecture: x86, x86-64
Security patch: No
Priority: Recommended
Distribution Type: Public


Revision: 3
Document ID: 5073911
Creation Date: 2010-04-19 16:17:18
Modified Date: 2010-07-14 16:26:09


A Field Test File (FTF) for GroupWise 7.0 Service Pack 4 has been released. This FTF has been released to fix connectivity issues between the POA and SOAP applications. It also has a fix for a POA ABEND. This FTF is designed only to patch a system that has been upgraded to GroupWise 7.04. DO NOT Apply this to any other release.



Download the needed file for your particular OS:

gw704ftf-lx-multi.tar.gz - Linux Multilingual
gw704ftf-lx-us.tar.gz - Linux English Only - Windows Multilingual - Windows English Only - NetWare Multilingual - NetWare English Only

After downloading the files, extract the contents to an empty directory.

For the remainder of the install, please follow the section for your particular OS:


1. Stop all agents on the server

2. Make a backup copy of the following directories:


3. Copy the following file to the /opt/novell/groupwise/agent/bin directory:

change log

The following bugs have been addressed in this FTF:

592389 - SOAP requests fail to a 7.0.4 POA
585899 - POA TCP-Handler Abend

file contents

Files IncludedSizeDate
gw704ftf-linux-multi.tar.gz3.9 MB (4094090)2010-04-19 16:10:31
gw704ftf-win-us.zip4.0 MB (4237919)2010-04-19 16:10:32
gw704ftf-lx-us.tar.gz1.7 MB (1831496)2010-04-19 16:10:31
gw704ftf-win-multi.zip6.6 MB (6945299)2010-04-19 16:10:32
gw704ftf-nw-multi.zip6.0 MB (6390216)2010-04-19 16:10:31
gw704ftf-nw-us.zip3.9 MB (4135560)2010-04-19 16:10:32
readme_5073911.htmlN/A2010-07-14 16:38:57


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