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BorderManager 3.8 Support Pack5 Interim Release 1

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Creation Date: 2007-12-04 12:04:39
Modified Date: 2008-05-14 17:47:07


The BorderManager 3.8 post Support Pack 5 Interim release 1 patch contains updates for services contained in the Border Manager 3.8 release. Novell recommends that customers on Border Manager 3.8 SP5 code apply this patch. The purpose of the patch is to provide a bundle of fixes for issues that have surfaced since Novell Border Manager 3.8 SP5 was released.


Overview: This Novell Border Manager 3.8 Support Pack 5 Interim release 1 patch readme contains a list of installation instructions in order to successfully apply the patch, as well as a description of the issues fixed in it.

System Requirements: BorderManager 3.8 with BorderManager Support Pack 5 applied. Before installing any of the included updates, make sure that a backup of the existing configuration and related files is performed before proceeding.

Copy *.nlm to sys:\system
Copy clntrust.exe to sys:\public

Problems fixed and known issues:
For the complete list of issues fixed and known issues, please look at the online readme link or readme file included with the BM38SP5_IR1 release.

Feature Enhancement:
Customizing Grace Login notification popup.

Security Vulnerability Fixes:
Novell Client Trust Vulnerability
Proxy authentication bypassed
Bypass %uff encoded data in HTTP POST method

Defect Fixes:
Proxy might abend in one of these functions:
- oc_requestStart()
- LogServerConnection()
- ProcessRequest()
Proxy might abend in aclcheck.nlm when rules are modified in a cluster setup.
Novell BorderManager proxy might lock hard with 200 or more connections, if Terminal Server Authentication is enabled.
Server might see an increase in ECB used by proxy due to the rescheduling of scheduled WorkToDo's.
Server might see memory leak when proxy receives streaming packets.
Novell BorderManager will abend when mail proxy has lost communication with POP3 server.
SSL authentication randomly fails with Safari 2.0 browser.
Option 17 in Proxy Console screen displays blank screen.
Proxy might abend when PRTG tool is used for SNMP monitoring.
DNS proxy continues to listen on TCP port 53 even though DNS over TCP is disabled in NWAdmin.

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