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NSL 6.0.106 patch build 6.0.106 6.0.106

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Novell SecureLogin 6.0.1ObsoleteUpdates to Novell SecureLogin 6 SP1 - 6.0.108Updates to Novell SecureLogin 6 sp1 6.0.111

Warning: The patch associated with this readme is obsolete; it is no longer available for download.


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Document ID: 5003822
Creation Date: 2007-04-06 10:03:41
Modified Date: 2008-05-05 03:22:26


Patch NSL6.0.106 contains all updates to NSL6sp1 since the release of Sp1.


Post SP1 fixes for Novell SecureLogin 6. Supercedes NSL6.0.105.

System Requirements:

This update requires SP1 for SecureLogin version 6.0 to be installed on the
workstation prior to this installation. If you own SecureLogin and desire a
full release of this update that can be installed on a workstation that is not
already running SecureLogin version 6.0, then please consult your normal
Novell sales channel.

To install this update execute the file NSL_6_0_106_Update_29032007_4.exe

This can be installed from Control Panel, Add / Remove programs

Fixes new to this release:

1. Directory user prompted twice to login when offline. NSL installed in LDAP Gina Mode (235105).
2. Cache file directory created in wrong location (235957).
3. JavaSSO error with multiple JREs running (226835).
4. Error administering NSL in standalone mode (244728).
5. Web embedded Java* SSO breaks with upgrade to 6.0.105 (226835).
6. With NSL in eDir mode, passphrases can now be disabled or hidden without SecretStore (243314).
7. Error message displayed referencing an incorrect path to the local cache file presented when a user without local administrative rights executes a Windows password change. (46276)
8. Roaming profile not loading after users change their password (46570).
9. New registry key can now be created and set on any SecureLogin client to specify the permanent deletion of obituary records (46719) (see “New Registry Key with this release” below).
10. Windows group policy containing the SecureLogin SSO application definition not being applied (46798).
11. Errors reading certain web sites. ( 46584)
12. Unlocking the SecureLogin system tray icon fails if password protected - standalone mode (46967).
13. Users are prompted for passphrase after changing their own network password (230932).

New Registry Key with this release:

1.A registry key DWORD value called ObituaryRecordsDeletion must be manually created, set to the number of days the obituary records will live and stored in the following location:

If the new obituary registry key is not present the default value is 90 days, after which time all obituary records will be removed from the directory

Fixes carried forward from NSL6.0.105:

1.Terminal Server Passthrough fails intermittently (206314).
2.Gina to Gina Passthrough Fails unless debugging is enabled on the Citrix Server (207574).
3.WM_Close event not always recognized (210028).
4.NSL changes the behaviour of a Web Application (220416).
5.Need an interface to pass credentials from LDAPAuth to local cache login (225196).
6.Corporate redirected applications not viewable through iManager. (208160).
7.HKLM\Software\Protocom\SecureLogin\ShowPassCacheOption is broken (219387).
8.SSO iManager plugin version does not reflect updated version (217632).
9.Blank error message after deleting gpo files (45676).
10.User gets repudiated if they change their own password (45662).
11.If SSO is not active when screen is locked, on unlock it will become active (45638).
12.Title bar broken in MMC dialog box shown when you don't have sufficient rights (44456).
13.SSO v6.0.100 RDP connection issue (44440).
14.SSO v6 - CTRL command not specific (44282).
15.IE will crash when changing password with a gmail account (45679).
16.Unable to unlock NSL systray icon if logged in Workstation Only. (200019)
17.NSL won't launch while disconnected. (214480)
18.Corrupted mandatory profiles when SL 6.0 is installed. (196265)
19.Onexception statement and subroutine prohibits users from canceling out of the Picklist. (205219)
20.NSL does not detect web login for Novell Access Manager authentication page. (193923)
21.NSL does not detect web login for Novell Access Manager authentication page. (193922)
22.NSL Hangs when running Reports in Explorer for Web App. (194796)
23.Unable to shutdown NSL with /shutdown switch if system tray icon is not present. (218466)

security fixes

Security Fixes with this release:

1. ADSCHEMA utility grants users excess permissions to their own attributes (47624).
2. Security issue with AD password change (248547).

(Note: the above security vulnerabilities occur in Active Directory environments. Novell strongly recommends this patch be applied in any Active Directory environment where NSL is installed, regardless of whether NSL is deployed in eDir or AD mode.)

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