OES SP2, NW6.5 SP5 Update 1

(Last modified: 31Jul2006)

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Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 Update
NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 5
July 2006

This file contains the following files which have been previously released separately and are provided together in this patch kit as a convenience for installation:
nw65os5a.exe 2973639
n65nss5a.exe 2973412
nwlib6h.exe 2974119
wsock6i.exe 2973892

If one of the files above or a newer patch has already been applied to your server, the patch kit will not overwrite it.

Installation Instructions

NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 5 Patch Kit
July 2006

1.0 Overview
This Patch Kit includes the files listed below that were updated after NetWare
6.5 Support Pack 5 was released. Use the installation script to install these
files together.

2.0 Installing the Patch Kit through NWCONFIG
The Patch Kit must be installed using NWCONFIG. You can run NWCONFIG from the
server console, the Console Screens option in NetWare Remote Manager, or
RCONSOLE. When you have access to the server console, complete the following

  1- At a workstation DOS prompt, extract the file you downloaded.

  2- At the server console prompt, enter NWCONFIG.

  3- Select Product Options > Install a Product Not Listed.

  4- Depending on where the Patch Kit files are located, complete one of the

   -From the local volume sys:, press F3 and then specify the path, including
the volume name (for example, sys:\<directory_name>).

   -From a different server on the network, press F3 and then specify the full
path, including the server name (for example,
<server_name>\vol1:\<directory_name>). You will be prompted for a login name
and password for the other server.

   The F4 option in RCONSOLE does not apply.

  5- Press Enter.

  6- Follow the on-screen prompts.

  7- (Conditional) If you did not choose the option to automatically reboot the
server, enter RESET SERVER or RESTART SERVER at the server console. You can
also enter DOWN and then restart the server by entering SERVER.EXE.

3.0 Installing the Patch Kit on Nterprise Branch Office 2.0
  1- To install the NetWare 6.5 Patch Kit on a Nterprise Branch Office 2.0,
launch the Branch Office administrative tool from your Windows Client.

  2- Click Upgrade under the Nterprise Branch Office heading in the left
navigation area.

  3- Click Apply NetWare Support Pack > Upload File

  4- Browse to and select the zip file for the Patch Kit.

  5- After the dialog to closes, select the path of the patch.ips for the Patch
Kit in data:\softchip\patchkit\patch.ips.

  6- Select the Run Upgrade button.



File Contents

Self-Extracting File Name:  nw65sp5upd1.exe

Files Included       Size   Date         Time    Version   Checksum

NW65SP5UPD1.TXT      14993   31Jul2006    09:59AM
     PATCH.IPS       6793   02Jun2006    11:50AM
    README.HTM      21598   13Jun2006    03:58PM
    LSIMPE.CDM      21248   13Mar2006    10:02AM
    NWTAPE.CDM      72034   24Mar2006    01:37PM
    NWTAPE.DDI       7087   15Nov2004    03:29PM
    SCSIHD.CDM      33357   29Mar2006    12:25AM
    BACKUP.ICS      10214   17May2006    04:50PM
  POSTINST.NCF        366   17May2006    07:38AM
    SILENT.ICS       3387   18May2006    03:13PM
  DPRPCNLM.NLM      19269   02May2006    04:06PM
  MAP3XIDS.NLM       1971   09Apr1999    03:32AM
      QMAN.NLM     109158   28Nov2005    12:12AM
     SBCON.NLM     374228   29Nov2005    12:13AM
      SMDR.NLM     360019   16Nov2005    04:37PM
       SME.NLM     185642   29Nov2005    12:12AM
     SMSDI.NLM     145173   16Oct2002    12:21AM
  SMSSTART.NCF         49   05Oct2004    02:21PM
   SMSSTOP.NCF         83   02Sep2004    11:11AM
     SMSUT.NLM      82509   09Mar2006    11:49AM
     TSAFS.NLM     522725   09Mar2006    11:49AM
    TSANDS.NLM      51999   19Jul2005    01:03PM
   TSATEST.NLM      91745   07Nov2005    12:06AM
      QMAN.MSG       3048   22May2002    12:48AM
     SBCON.HLP      41112   19Jun2001    11:47AM
     SBCON.MSG      23714   22Jul2003    02:44PM
      SMDR.MSG      11714   01Dec2003    01:20PM
     SMSDI.MSG       8737   22Mar2002    01:17PM
     TSAFS.MSG      14287   08Aug2005    01:01PM
       SMS.SCH        787   28May1998    10:31PM
    VOFFSP.ZIP   17034292   16May2006    03:26PM
     CDDVD.NSS      56064   10Mar2006    12:29AM
      CLIB.NLM      67162   17Apr2006    12:28AM
   CLIBAUX.NLM       8677   17Apr2006    12:28AM
   CLIBCTX.NLM       2112   17Apr2006    12:28AM
      COMN.NSS     588004   10Mar2006    12:07AM
    DOSFAT.NSS      35653   10Mar2006    12:32AM
  ETHERTSM.NLM      13026   20Mar2006    07:49PM
      FPSM.NLM        488   09Jan2006    12:32AM
      LIB0.NLM     116946   17Apr2006    12:20AM
      LIBC.NLM    1352507   27Jun2006    10:22AM
    LIBNSS.NLM      13883   10Mar2006    11:44AM
  LOCNLM32.NLM      24389   29Nov2005    05:42PM
       MAL.NSS      11144   10Mar2006    12:25AM
    MALHLP.NLM       5208   10Mar2006    12:26AM
   MALHLP9.NLM       5168   10Mar2006    12:26AM
    MANAGE.NSS     169932   10Mar2006    12:10AM
       MSM.NLM     100958   20Mar2006    04:17PM
       NIT.NLM      58889   17Apr2006    12:26AM
    NLMLIB.NLM      93262   17Apr2006    12:25AM
       NSS.NLM     146614   10Mar2006    11:47AM
    NSSIDK.NSS      10970   10Mar2006    12:27AM
     NSSMU.NLM     105980   10Mar2006    12:31AM
    NSSWIN.NLM      14895   10Mar2006    11:53AM
      NWSA.NSS     181114   10Mar2006    11:53AM
       PSA.NSS      16855   10Mar2006    12:33AM
  REQUESTR.NLM      78953   17Apr2006    12:23AM
      SCAN.NLM      22211   10Mar2006    12:21AM
    SERVER.EXE    1342863   11Apr2006    04:08PM
   SYSLOGD.NLM      32980   25May2006    09:47AM
   THREADS.NLM      67783   17Apr2006    12:22AM
   UNICODE.NLM      12295   26Oct2004    03:47PM
     VOLMN.NSS      30793   10Mar2006    12:49AM
    WS2_32.NLM     164676   19Jul2006    09:50AM
     WSPIP.NLM      42629   29Jun2006    03:58PM
    WSPSSL.NLM      22117   25May2006    11:34AM
      XIPC.NSS      11953   10Mar2006    01:35PM
      ZLSS.NSS     495982   10Mar2006    12:20AM
    ARABIC.TAB       3850   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  CENTEURO.TAB       5386   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  CHINSIMP.TAB      68754   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  CHINTRAD.TAB      85736   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  CROATIAN.TAB       6922   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  CYRILLIC.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     DA-DK.XML       3100   12Sep2005    08:47AM
     DE-AT.XML       3113   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     DE-CH.XML       3133   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     DE-DE.XML       3113   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  DEVANAGA.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  DINGBATS.TAB       5386   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     EN-AU.XML       3133   12Sep2005    11:07AM
     EN-CA.XML       3099   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     EN-GB.XML       3106   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     EN-NZ.XML       3135   12Sep2005    11:07AM
     EN-US.XML       3120   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     ES-ES.XML       3164   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     ES-MX.XML       3134   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     FARSI.TAB       4362   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     FI-FI.XML       3119   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     FR-BE.XML       3121   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     FR-CA.XML       3164   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     FR-CH.XML       3161   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     FR-FR.XML       3165   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     GREEK.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  GUJARATI.TAB       5386   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  GURMUKHI.TAB       5386   27Jun2006    10:22AM
    HEBREW.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   ICELAND.TAB       6410   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     JA-JP.XML       3164   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  JAPANESE.TAB      69512   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  KEYBOARD.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     KO-KO.XML       3167   27Jun2006    10:22AM
    KOREAN.TAB     113326   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     NL-BE.XML       3110   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     NL-NL.XML       3114   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     NO-NO.XML       3102   12Sep2005    10:18AM
     PT-BR.XML       3204   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     PT-PT.XML       3207   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     ROMAN.TAB       6922   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  ROMANIAN.TAB       6922   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     SV-SE.XML       3282   06Sep2005    01:15PM
    SYMBOL.TAB       7434   27Jun2006    10:22AM
      THAI.TAB       4362   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   TURKISH.TAB       6410   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UKRAINE.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_000.TAB     448172   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  UNI_1250.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  UNI_1251.TAB       4362   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  UNI_1252.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  UNI_1253.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  UNI_1254.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  UNI_1255.TAB       5386   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  UNI_1256.TAB       5386   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  UNI_1257.TAB       4874   27Jun2006    10:22AM
  UNI_1258.TAB       5386   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_437.TAB       9994   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_737.TAB       5898   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_775.TAB       5898   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_850.TAB       9994   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_852.TAB       9994   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_855.TAB       6410   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_857.TAB      10506   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_860.TAB       9482   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_861.TAB       9482   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_862.TAB       6922   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_863.TAB       9482   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_864.TAB       5386   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_865.TAB       9482   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_866.TAB       6922   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_874.TAB       6922   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_932.TAB      77900   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_936.TAB     107802   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_949.TAB     125982   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_950.TAB     113946   27Jun2006    10:22AM
   UNI_FFF.TAB      69492   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     VX-FR.XML       3464   19Oct2004    04:39PM
     ZH-CN.XML       3212   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     ZH-HK.XML       3196   27Jun2006    10:22AM
     ZH-TW.XML       3196   27Jun2006    10:22AM
      LIBC.MDB     124416   10Oct2005    10:51AM
      LIBC.MSG       8186   10Oct2005    10:51AM
   AFPSTOP.NCF         76   06May2003    11:30AM
   AFPSTRT.NCF         70   06May2003    10:20AM
    AFPTCP.NLM     123459   10Mar2006    01:02PM
ARKUPGRADE.NCF        174   03Nov2003    06:30PM
  AUDNLM32.NLM      10592   30Nov2005    07:49AM
  CALNLM32.NLM     148589   30Nov2005    07:48AM
  CHECKVIS.NLM       6938   10Mar2006    12:22AM
      CIFS.NLM     265747   15Mar2006    11:02AM
   CIFSPDC.NLM       8096   10Mar2006    01:32PM
  CIFSPROX.NLM     122460   10Mar2006    01:32PM
  CIFSSTOP.NCF        265   21May2004    03:55PM
  CIFSSTRT.NCF        149   06May2003    10:17AM
  CLNNLM32.NLM      12277   30Nov2005    07:47AM
  CLXNLM32.NLM       7458   30Nov2005    07:49AM
   COMPFIX.NLM      16219   10Mar2006    12:23AM
    DFSLIB.NLM       2580   10Mar2006    12:54AM
  DMPTRUST.NLM       4375   10Mar2006    12:24AM
     DSAPI.NLM        784   15Jan2005    02:26AM
   DSEVENT.NLM       3165   30Nov2005    07:49AM
  ETHERTSM.NLM      13026   20Mar2006    07:49PM
     JSMSG.NLM      18748   10Mar2006    12:52AM
     JSTCP.NLM      15406   10Mar2006    12:53AM
  LOCNLM32.NLM      24389   29Nov2005    05:42PM
    MNGLIB.NLM      38365   10Mar2006    12:11AM
       MSM.NLM     100958   20Mar2006    04:17PM
  NCPNLM32.NLM     148918   30Nov2005    07:48AM
  NETNLM32.NLM     265057   30Nov2005    07:49AM
     NSSPR.NLM      77840   10Mar2006    12:42AM
    SETMD4.NLM       5182   10Mar2006    01:34PM
  SYNCGUID.NLM       5143   15Mar2006    03:55PM
       VCU.NLM      16022   10Mar2006    12:55AM
      VCUX.NCF         34   17Jul2002    11:21AM
     VDQAD.NLM      17877   10Mar2006    12:46AM
      VLDB.NLM      11070   10Mar2006    12:44AM
     VLMSG.NLM      19838   10Mar2006    12:45AM
     VLRPC.NLM       9535   10Mar2006    12:47AM
     VLRPR.NLM      50330   10Mar2006    12:47AM
     VMRPC.NLM       9407   10Mar2006    12:49AM
    VOLSMS.NLM      60631   10Mar2006    12:50AM


Document Title: OES SP2, NW6.5 SP5 Update 1
Document ID: 2974185
Creation Date: 31Jul2006
Modified Date: 31Jul2006
Revision: 1
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Open Enterprise Server


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