Update NCP.NLM for NetWare

(Last modified: 22Nov2004)

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Updated NCP.NLM for NetWare 5.1 SP7, 6.0 SP5 and 6.5 SP2.

Installation Instructions

This patch file contains a 5.1, 6.0, and 6.5 directory with the NCP.NLM for that version of NetWare. The patches are compatible with 5.1 SP7, 6.0 SP5 and 6.5 SP3.

1. Rename the existing NCP.NLM or make a backup copy.
2. Copy the new NCP.NLM from the appropriate directory for you version of NetWare to the C:\NWSERVER directory (the server bootdirectory.)
3. Down the server and then run SERVER.EXE from the c:\nwserver prompt.


1)After applying the NWLIB6a.EXE patch, the server may experience "trailing redzone" errors or abends when calling NCP 131. One example that would produce this error is the running of Backup Exec's BESTART.NCF.

2)NetWare 6.0 version only:
Fixes a problem in NCP.NLM|eventHandlerForProtocolLoaded to check the length of the string before it copies it into local variable space. This is while processing events which may not be null terminated.

Symptoms of the problem can vary but are generally seen as Page Fault abends in SERVER 00:0 process inside NLMLIB.NLM at code start +00017905h. One obvious symptom is that the stack imit on the process will be NULL.

Running process: Server 00:0 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: SERVER.NLM
Stack pointer: C8034F80
OS Stack limit: 0

Full details described in TID10094319.

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       NCP.NLM      98520   15Sep2004    05:26PM
       NCP.NLM      99709   22Nov2004    10:35AM
       NCP.NLM     107552   27Oct2004    03:38PM


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