GroupWise 6 Import/Export Utility

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This is the GroupWise 6 Import/Export utility for ConsoleOne.

Installation Instructions

The Novell GroupWise 6 Import/Export utility is available for download
as a single self-extracting file (GWPORT32.EXE). The download file
requires approximately 10.1 MB of free disk space on the machine where
you are running ConsoleOne. The installed Import/Export utility requires another 27.5 MB of free disk space.

To install the Import/Export utility:

After downloading the GWPORT32.EXE file, copy it to the
CONSOLEONE\xx directory (where xx represents your ConsoleOne
version number) on your ConsoleOne workstation.

Extract the file to the default directory. This will copy the
utility's files to the appropriate locations in the ConsoleOne

Launch ConsoleOne > select an NDS tree > click the Tools menu >
click GroupWise Utilities. Import and Export options should now
appear on the menu. If the options are dimmed, make sure you have
selected an NDS tree. For detailed information about using the
Import/Export utility, see "GroupWise Utilities" in the GroupWise
6 Administration guide.


The Novell GroupWise 6 Import/Export utility is an add-on to
ConsoleOne that enables you to transfer GroupWise information
into and out of NDS.

The GroupWise Export utility reads NDS and GroupWise object
information from NDS and creates an ASCII delimited text file
containing the object attributes.

The GroupWise Import utility reads an ASCII-delimited text
file created by the GroupWise Export utility or by a
third-party export, and creates NDS and GroupWise objects
with attributes from the file. The Import utility supports
most NDS classes (including extensions) and GroupWise classes.


The Import/Export utility requires the following:

GroupWise 6 Support Pack 1 (or higher)
ConsoleOne 1.3.2 (or higher)
10.1 MB of free disk space on the ConsoleOne workstation for the download file (GWPORT32.EXE)
27.5 MB of free disk space on the ConsoleOne workstation for the installed Import/Export utility
Supported Languages

The Import/Export utility is available in the following languages:

Chinese Simplified
All the languages listed above are included in the GWPORT32.EXE
download file and are installed by default. The Import/Export
utility will automatically display in the same language as
ConsoleOne, unless the ConsoleOne language is a language other
than one listed above. In this case, the Import/Export utility
will default to English.

Issue fixed:
Fixed import error: "The GroupWise data cannot be committed because the
object requires replication or is part of another system." (288318)

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